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How long would it take for you to realize that your strategy is not being followed or that you have been outsmarted by new competitors? How good do you have to be to outsmart your competitors and why is important to take into account the Best-In-Class businesses and management teams from a variety of industries into your strategy formulation?
Industry barriers have collapsed invalidating old strategies, business models, risk and performance metrics. Therefore, to avoid confusing any positive trend for real competitive advantage it is important to review the strategies, Best Practices, business models and performance and risk metrics from a wide range of industries.
SIMMETHOD™ converts data into ratios and ratios into indices in order to uncover and show your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in relation to a number of businesses from a wide range of industries and provide you, your management team and your value chain with unique and hard-to-obtain leading indicators and early earning alets.
Unlike solutions (as depicted in the above picture) that analyze companies and draw conclusions based on a small number of indicators that provide incomplete and erroneous business views, SIMMETHOD™ takes a holistic approach of each company within a value-chain, industry and overall market.

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