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Jorge Tabacman

SIMMETHOD™'s creator and CEO

A former Westfield's CIO and the author of a book "Converting Information into Assets", Jorge Tabacman has developed and continues to improve the SIMMETHOD™ Intellectual Property based on the many consulting and training assignments, extensive research, technological advances and a skillful team of collaborators and advisers.

SIMMETHOD™ unique content of predictive analytics, Strategy/Execution performance Predictive Indices, Competitive Intelligence Database and Leading Indicators have been guiding business executives towards improved decision-making, significant cost savings, the acquisition of new strategic accounts, business growth and the creation of new multi-stream income generating business models.

SIMMETHOD™ unique system of risk minimization early warning value-chain and industry leading indicators set up against a constantly updated competitive intelligence database provides hard-to-obtain insights into threats and opportunities.

Jorge  writes a popular risk and performance predictive blog "Converting Information into Assets" showcased by Business Week as Top Source of Performance Management and a widely viewed Slideshare Channel. 

Contact details:


Phone: +1 916 872 5708


The SIMMETHOD™ Advisory and Executive Team includes:

Vanessa Pahlberg, VP Operations and Finance, Benefits & Risk Management Systems (BRMS)

Ana Tabacman, Manager, Self-Regulatory Policy, Optus


Edmund Khalaf, Director and CFO, Job Capital

Peter Tedesco, CEO, Australian Convenience Food

John Corcoran, Snr. Legal Director, Cisco

Mike Covol, Snr. Principal, The Complex Sale 

Angeles Sanchez-Suarez, Research Manager, SIMMETHOD 

"Consider SIMMETHOD™ to link Business Intelligence/ Analytics software to business performance improvement". Boris Evelson, Forrester VP of Business Intelligence 





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